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Use code at PredatorBDU. Don't miss out. We know you don't want to! If you like great bargains, we've got you covered. Get Promo Code Expiration Date: Do you have a coupon or promo code that we don't? Saks Fifth Avenue UK. NetBet Vegas. Belly Button Band. Mountainside Medical Equipment.

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Community Coffee. How to use predatorbdu. STEP 1: Add the Item to your shopping cart. Confirm that you are buying what you want, and that it fulfills any requirements to qualify for the PredatorBDU. STEP 2: Go through the predatorbdu. At each page, scan the page for a coupon code or promotion code option. Copy and paste the PredatorBDU. They features matching loop on the front, rear, and on the top of the cap. It sounds like something out of a James Bond flick, but the US Army through has a project in the works through Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center to create a weapon called a Laser Induced Plasma Channel that can direct high voltage lightning bolts via directed laser beams to destroy objects near its path.

While the full details of the device are not given nor does it appear the project is near full completion, the explanation for its ability to reach its target is pure science. Lightning follows the path of least resistance and will seek out the most conductive object in the area. It is explained that intended targets such as explosive devices and enemy vehicles are much better conductors of electricity than the air or ground near the laser, so the means to an end is inherent in the object targeted and draw the lightning bolt to themselves.

While appearing convoluted in concept compared to weaponry already available, the proof is in the science and provides for an amazing means of harnessing energy and utilizing its devastating power without the necessity for precision. Army , Weaponry. Sunday, June 24, Short Lane. Shooting your shotgun can be limited at indoor ranges limiting you to slugs if allowed at all.

Short Lane has developed various chamber adapters to convert your shotgun for shooting. Different adapters are available for various barrel types including 10, 12, 16, 20, and Gauge. The smooth bore options are especially affordable which is currently the only option for.

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Short Lane 12 Guage to 38 Shotgun Adapter. Surely firing this ammunition in a pistol or rifle will prove more accurate and we don't think they are looking to carve a niche in that market. However, we can see many shooter finding their product of interest to bring some new utility to their break action shotgun and enjoy a some plinking or varmint hunting with these adapters.

Full details with ordering are available online at GunAdapters. Guns , Innovation , Short Lane. CAA Tactical Catalog. The latest catalog from CAA Tactical has been released showing their latest line up of products. Known as Command Arms in the USA, you can find the same products for the most part, but may feature different names. To see their full product line up online visit Commandarms. CAA , Catalog , Guns. Tactical Drills. The latest installment of training videos from Panteao Productions has been released focused on range drills with Paul Howe at the helm.

The training video covers a wide range of tactical drills for operating both a rifle and pistol. Make Ready with Paul Howe: Tactical Drills is available for purchase online with a direct download option through subscription at PanteaoProductions. At first glance we knew this would be a big hit as a mounting platform for popular optics like those manufactured by Aimpoint and EOTech on Kalashnikov rifles.

One of the companies reps gave us a quick tutorial on how the AKARS integrates onto the rifle, which given his knowledge of the product made it look quite simple. You will be able to mount optics to the Picatinny Rail and maintain zero through operation and field stripping, all the while being able to revert back to iron sights for back up if needed. SOG has released a new tomahawk that was specifically manufactured for the new Medal of Honor: SOG notes that the tomahawk has been designed with features specified by members of Special Operations Forces. The Voodoo Hawk is manufactured with high carbon Stainless Steel including a glass-reinforced nylon handle and metal cap at the base.

The tomahawk weighs in at 1. London Bridge Trading Company also teamed up with SOG to develop the unique pixeled camo sheath that comes with the Limited Edition Voodoo Hawk that is available separate from the standard version. Just last week we had seen that Revision was expanding its operations into body armor to build on their existing manufacturing of high quality mil-spec head and eye protection products. The purchase of MSA's helmet manufacturing and operations expands Revision's reach with facilities capable of mass producing Aramid based helmets with inherent flame resistance and ballistic protection.

Revision will already have established contracts with the US Army to continue fulfilling orders for thousands of ACH helmets.

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For the full press release visit: However, the Air Force is referring to their latest incarnation as the RABU with the change to a Ripstop weave providing the distinction from the original twill version. The reduced heft is just in time for the summer heat and is now available for purchase.

In the scheme of things it matters little what you call it as long as it delivers on a more breathable light uniform. If you haven't bit the bullet on SureFire's new round magazine, then now is a better time than ever to jump on board and take advantage of a great deal they are offering from now till the 4th of July. They are offering combo discounts when you buy their high-capacity magazine along with the carry pouch. Also if you already have the magazine but still need a pouch, they have a price cut on that as well.

The promo poster below shows the discounts, coupon codes, and all items include free shipping. Ammo , Deals , Guns , SureFire. We thought the Scrubba Wash Bag was a nifty innovation, especially for going on extended trips into the back country and not wanting to lug around a lot of unneeded weight. Some people can go days with out washing their clothes, but this gives them less of an excuse. The bag on its own ways in at 5 ounces and about the size of a coke can when rolled up to easily tuck away into a pack or pouch.

Scrubba Wash Bag. The Scrubba has a built in patent pending agitator that is much simpler to use and more forgiving than beating your clothes on a rock. The bag system allows for quick clean time and appears extremely easy to use with just some water, a soap based product, and limited elbow grease. The bag is limited in size and lacks the ability to withstand extreme heat, but this could be a great way to clean up some socks, underwear, and a t-shirt without any laundry facilities close at hand.


Scrubba Wash Bag Agitator Interior There certainly are some people that may pick this up to forego ever using a washing machine, but they probably go a week or so without changing their clothes anyway. Cross country bike rides and ventures into the wilderness can certainly implicate you into some crunchiness. You know who you are. The video below gives a good demonstration for use. The company is based out of Australia, but ships international with relatively low rates to the U. Initial orders are due to ship tomorrow. Bulk discounts for multiple bags are available along with and travel packages that include a dry line, carry pouch, and towel.

View full details and ordering at: Bags , Clothing , Outdoors , Scrubba , Travel. Cruzer Case has up the ante on their handgun travel case by increasing the capacity from 5 to 6 guns in total for universal carry. Of course as things go in the firearm industry, you have to slap on a zombie tagline anytime you amp up a prior design.

At this point the zombie theme has turned into the norm, so just overlook that for now and see that there is plenty of potential for those that want to keep their collection safely tucked away in one convenient package along with slots foe two magazines for each pistol.

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It also comes with a desiccant slot to keep thing nice and dry when packed away. The Zombie Quick Draw comes in a standard carry case and also a travel-easy option with wheels and a pull handle. They do take note that it is check in only. Aside from the doomsday scenario they tout, this is certainly a convenient means to move a pistol six pack, which can make for a great day at the range or for those that travel frequently with their guns on hand.

Full details and ordering at CaseCruzer. CaseCruzer , Guns , Packs , Zombies. The video below gives a demo on how to don the POG designed by Crye along with different wear features when not in use for the two tier Pelvic Protection System. Ballistic Protection , Crye Precision , U.

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Gun Stock: Putting Money Where the Mouth Is. SWHC also didn't have a noticeable drop. The target price was sit as you can see from the transaction above and a BUY was made. The stock continued to go down. You can't always hit a stock right at the bottom of a fall, but you hope you are close. All the while analysts have been calling RGR oversold or a good buy. Their backlog is significantly above last years as well. While Ruger generally has a Beta close to 1 and stays close to the overall market movement, it did have a huge jump above market trends, so a huge sale off from capturing profits could be expected, especially with Mutual Funds and Financial Institutions, whom hold the largest stake in the company.

This leave some opportunity for individual investors to get in on a new trough recent low. While we don't expect anyone to take this as investment advice nor should you, however it will be fun to see where this ride goes and could lead to the some extra spending money for ammo or some of Ruger's finished product. Then again the stock price could plummet by the time this is read and be quite laughable.

When investing you are buying into a company with a share of ownership in return, no matter how infinitesimal it may be. There are many factors to consider for the gun industry at this point in time, but things are looking up for the opportunity of new ownership and Ruger has some wild cards they like to pull out from time to time that boost growth by capturing a bigger share of the firearms market and keep things interesting.

They are also one of the few two gun manufacturers allowing direct investment from small investors, which carries over the interest even further. The Litefighter Full Spectrum 1 Expeditionary Shelter System is a dome style tent which can be assembled in just one minute and weights in at 4. It consists of a simple package of tent, pole set, and rain fly. With key protection features designed by combat veterans for warfighters. It has space for a single user and a vestibule for gear with rain cover.

It can also be mounted on top of a cot with a their cam-buckle and hook system. The US Army has taken note of this great individual shelter system and put out a solicitation earlier this month for units in MultiCam camouflage for the National Guard. The video below provides a full look at the system and its quick assembly.

About All Sports Uniforms

For full details visit: EOTech has established themselves as having some of the best optics in the industry with their Holographic Weapon Sights. Their dominance has just been further solidified with the introduction of their new G This video produced by EOTech gives a great overview of their product's operation along with insight on their latest magnifier. Deceptex Camouflage ECU. Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. Below is a look at their Deceptex Victor variant on a trial run uniform. If the final design mirrors this coat, we can see in the shot that it will be a four pocket design with elements of an ACU including slightly slanted chest pockets, mandarin collar, and hook and loop cuff closures.

Below you will find a line of three Deceptex Victor patterns to give some idea as to how the pattern carries over to finished product. The Victor variant is next in the series but not listed.