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Its grind chamber holds enough ground coffee for 32 cups, depending on how large a cup you use, with a removable 8 oz bean hopper. Alongside that is an 18 position grind selector that changes how finely ground the beans are, ranging from ultra fine to extra coarse. At first glance you might think the catch is that it uses flat burrs instead of conical burrs in the grinding mechanism, but there are plenty of premium espresso grinders that use flat burrs too.

The grinder has 17 different grinding options, covering extremely fine to coarse. It can hold up to 8 oz of coffee grounds which should mean between 2 and 12 cups of coffee depending on your prep method. Hidden gems are great like that. If every penny counts then the Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder is the electric grinder for you. It holds up to 8 ounces of coffee beans via its removable bean hopper, and pretty much just works.

Why Grind Your Own Coffee?

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Why Use a Grinder?

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Yes, you will also like these: A lot of video doorbells can differentiate between a person and another random object, but what if you want to know exactly who rang your doorbell? Here our are favorites. To perfect your homebrew, you need a grinder that can churn out the same exact grind each use. Unless you plan to be forever pour over, then you will want a grinder that can achieve multiple grind sizes. The difference in grind between even a standard drip and pour over is stark, and you will taste the discrepancy if you brew with the wrong grind.

Even when switching roasts for the same brew method you want a little play room to perfect your beverage.

The Best Budget Burr Coffee Grinders

Just like cooking different cuts of the same cow, you need the ability to alter your preparation to get the most out of your beans. Considering the price, blade grinders may look attractive, but I beg you to steer back into the light. Blade grinders, like a dull-tooth burr grinder, do a terrible job of cutting your beans and an amazing job at bludgeoning them. With blade grinders you have little control over particle size, and can reliably produce only a medium-fine grind. Aiming for any other type of grind requires considerable finagling, and lots of practice.

Following are two considerations you should expect to see among grinders at the cheap end of the spectrum. Just like with electric grinders, there are plenty of posers clouding the field, yet there is still a good amount of quality equipment. However, the main difference between electric and manual is the motor; the other mechanisms are still the same.

For a look at manual burr grinders, check out my list of best 3 for Although they may work after a fashion, coffee gear knockoffs should be avoided at all costs. There are not enough grinder brands in the industry for any one name to drive up the price. Steering clear of knockoffs is any easy way to evade the rubbish, but you want to be critical of electric grinders as well. Here they are - the 5 burr grinders that will give you an even grind, without hurting your wallet too much. The Hario Skerton is a favorite among craft coffee enthusiasts.

The tapered hourglass frame pairs nicely with the slow intimacy of hand grinding. This grinder is a flawless union of classic styling and modern efficiency. Ceramic will not get as hot as metal, which is perfect for grinds that take more time and pressure, like espresso. One of the few drawbacks of the Skerton is that the top crank where you also adjust the grind size will begin to come loose during prolonged grinding, and requires constant retightening. For the price you pay, the Capresso Infinity is a sturdy workhorse of a grinder.

The 5 Best Cheap Coffee Grinders (Best Budget Burr Grinders) - HOMEGROUNDS

It is a reliable and durable machine that can conveniently churn out uniform grounds in a minute or less. Old grounds trapped in the Infinity can spoil following batches. Otherwise, it can easily handle anything from espresso to AeroPress, and it shines at the drip, medium-fine grind. Like the Infinity, the Bistro cannot churn out a coarse enough grind for the classic French press recipe. The highest setting on the Bistro is still small enough to slip through the strainer and into your cup.

Furthermore, this grinder cannot quite reach the fine, espresso grind either. It gets close, but not quite there. Yet, for anything in between, it works well enough, as long as you are brewing for four or less cups. The burrs themselves are made from steel, but the gears are plastic, which are not nearly as resilient. If you are looking for sleek, then the Porlex JP is the way to go. Looking like little more than a stainless steel cylinder with a top crank, the JP is subtle enough to hide among your kitchen gadgets and small enough for your spice pantry. It also uses ceramic burrs, but nearly everything else is made from steel, which makes this grinder incredibly durable.

Because of its slim shape, small size, and sturdy frame, the JP is immensely portable, making it a great companion for the traveling coffee lover. The one significant disadvantage to the JP is that it has the smallest capacity of all 5 grinders. With only enough space for 30 grams in the bottom reservoir, the JP can only hold about half as much as the Hario Skerton.

At only 7.

How to choose the best coffee maker for you

It is also the cheapest on this list. For one, the burrs of this manual grinder are not sharp, therefore, the Retro One is not nearly as consistent as the other grinders. This grinder also lacks a lid for the metal hopper, which means beans will fly if you are not careful. It is a surprisingly well-built machine for the price. Both its frame and internal mechanisms are very sturdy, it has a wide range of settings, and it looks both vintage and unique.

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If you are looking for something better than a blade grinder, but for the same price, the Retro One is an easy yes. Among the contestants for this review roundup, the Hario Skerton is the best.

The Complete Guide to Coffee Grinders

Compared to the rest, the Skerton has the widest grinding range, and its ceramic burrs ensure a consistent grind without much cleaning. Its design is a nod to vintage-esque grinders, like the Kalita Retro One, with an updated, modern approach. What did you think of my picks for the 5 best burr grinders at a budget?

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